On this page you will find information about my various computing projects.


The hotswap utility allows you to register and unregister hotswappable IDE devices, for example notebook computers modules, with the Linux kernel.

The Oxford University Wine Society's World Wide Web Page

Since I was looking for an excuse to play around with web coding, I agreed to design and program the world wide web page for 'Bacchus', the Oxford University's student wine society. It does not only feature a clean, modern design - quite unlike this page - but also a automated booking system written in Perl, or rather a bastardized version thereof running on the Unversity's web server.

Running Linux on a Dell Latitude C600

I used to own a Dell Latitude C600 notebook computer, which I bought with the intention of running Linux on it.

Since notebook computers generally use specialized hardware for which the specifications are not always easily obtainable, it can be somewhat tricky to get your favourite operating system to use their full functionality. I've therefore prepared a page with technical information on how to get started with this machine.

Please note that I now use a different portable, and the information here is no longer being updated. Since my web logs indicate that this page is still requested rather frequently, I've kept it up for reference purposes.