Web Page Information


So you're interested in web design? Feel free to look through the source code of these pages and use any techniques you find in there. If you want to copy the design wholesale, you may do so but should identify its origin.

This home page is styled to look like an English Renaissance book. More precisely, the design is inspired by the First Folio edition of Shakespeare's works. Why not? I think it's prettier than round plastic buttons.

All pages should be valid XHTML 1.0. The layout is implemented (almost) entirely using CSS1 and should be rendered by any browser that correctly supports most of this specification, while not impeding proper structural display by older or text-only browsers.

Unfortunately the separation of content and formatting is not perfect, as CSS1 (the same is true for CSS2) does not provide a way to construct graphical borders, so I had to throw in some frivolous <div> tags to obtain the desired effect.

All graphical work was done using the Gimp. My editor of choice is generally the venerable Emacs, but I'm quite flexible in this regard.