Links: Computing


A list of computing links, designed to channel people to the interesting places and give an impression of my interests in this area.

Free Software Foundation (
The Free Software Fondation, best known for the GNU (GNU's Not Unix) project and the GPL (General Public License). You may not agree with their ideology, but if it was not for their work I had probably given up on computers by now.
Linux Online (
A good starting point for people who want to find out about the Linux operating system. If you are a UNIX guru you will probably be better off somewhere else, but you already knew that.
While not the most impressive looking web page around, this one provides an easy starting point to explore the world of the many flavours of BSD UNIX.
This is SUN's Java home page. Here you can grab the various SDKs and find out (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about Java.
Gnome (
Gnome is a desktop environment for UNIX available under the GPL.
The K Desktop Environment is pursuing a similar goal as the Gnome effort.
/. (
It says "News for Nerds" right on the front page. Go figure. However, if you are prepared to wade through a huge amount of noise, you will find this an invaluable source for computing information and funny tidbits.
The Code Project (
One of the few genuinely useful sites about Windows programming.